Tectra Industrial Film


Our industrial films are subjected to a process of continuous improvement. In close cooperation with our customers and the main machinery manufacturers, the RKW Group is constantly improving and developing its products. The result: a packaging system with excellent quality and performance thanks to use of the very latest technology.  

Tectra stretch hood

The main qualities that define our extensible film are high mechanical resistance, increased elasticity, safety, economy and innovation. It is also characterised by its excellent stability throughout the entire palleting process, responding to the most demanding functions of present day packing and packaging.

It also uses less plastic to wrap the pallet and does not require a heat source and so it is ideal for large production lines as it means significant energy saving and as a result, less environmental impact. For this reason, it is recommended for palleting products which cannot be exposed to specific heat sources

In this respect, our extensible film has many applications in a number of industrial sectors such as construction, the food and drinks industry, agriculture etc.

Pallet wrapping process

We also offer our customers the possibility of including their corporate image in the film coil -up to 6 colours-, improving the presentation aspect of your palleted goods and at the same time providing an ideal advertising format. 

Tectra Shrink film

The retractable films marketed by Tectra Packaging are highly reliable in terms of fastening and resistance, stability and protection of the merchandise. We are in permanent contact with our customers and the main machinery manufacturers as well as raw materials suppliers. As a result we are able to offer made to measure solutions for a  wide range of applications in most industrial sectors  in order to satisfy their specific packaging needs.  In this regard, specially designed films have been developed for the glass and glazing industry which can protect these fragile products safely.

Botellas Tectra Shrink Film

Features of our flexible packaging

  • All the standard thicknesses and formats.
  • Manufactured in transparent or coloured versions
  • Possibility of incorporating the corporate image in the extensible film Printing with up to 6 colours
  • UV protection
  • Anti-static versions
  • Three- layer mono and co-extruded films
  • Perforated in the roll
  • Adapted to all pallet formats
  • No adherence between the film and the packaged products.
  • Highly elastic
  • High resistance to tearing and perforation.


Advantages of our flexible packaging

  • Protection Our packaging is extremely resistent to perforation and remains firmly fastened.
  • SafetyPerfect stability during transport and storage thanks to the force of fastening both vertically and horizontally
  • Development potentialWe develop tailor-made solutions in close collaboration with our customers and the industry.
  • EconomicsProduction cost savings, as Tectra Packaging's films function perfectly in all packing installations.
  • Future visionWe put your projects into practice in order to help you meet your business goals.
  • ReliabilityOur deliveries are backed by the RKW Group, one of the most renowned European specialists in the packaging sector with 21 business units throughout the world.


FPO Film

The contribution to the future

Thanks to its paper appearance, our FPO film provides differentiation from other materials. It can be used as a mono material where substitutes are laminates (multi material). Filled with mineral and less use of oil source material it contributes to reducing the carbon footprint.

Increased Output, better Profitability

FPO film is made from the polymers PP (polypropylene) or PE (polyethylene), to which we add natural mineral in various degrees of fineness to create a material with outstanding performance. Our FPO material is available as compound as well as processed film.

FPO is environmentally harmless. FPO film is used today in many different areas, from manufacturing and printing to the food industry. The compound as well as the film have EU and FDA approval for use with foodstuff.

Standard capability is up to 1200 mm wide and 40-200 μm thick. Stock standard FPO films in PP and PE are available in many different thicknesses.

FPO FilmFPO Film


  • FPO (high-filled polyolefin) is totally taint-free.
  • Meets the requirements of the food industry.
  • Food contact approvals (EU, FDA, BGA).
  • Excellent mechanical properties: tear and puncture resistance.
  • Vapor and light barrier.
  • Recyclable package: freezable, microwaveable, machine dish washable.
  • Soft touch and "paper look".
  • Eye-catching: high printing quality.


  • Packaging wrap
  • Labels
  • Cover leaf
  • FFS (sacks)
  • Laminating film for packaging material
  • Display signs