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For specific industrial applications, such as construction materials or powder or granulated products, plastic packaging is more effective in terms of sustainability than conventional paper sacks.

In addition, plastic packaging offers greater resistance to breakage, preventing material losses and in addition, providing a very effective protective barrier against environmental factors such as damp. This enables packaged products to be stored for much longer, even in the open air.

The New Generation of Provent Sacks

Tectra valve sack

As exhibit highlight in the field of Industrial Packaging, Tectra Packaging is presenting the new generation of the RKW ProVent  self-venting plastic sack for powdery goods. In developing RKW ProVent ten years ago, the film manufacturer evolved what was purely a transport aid into a reliable product protection solution that set a new industrial standard.

The new ProVent Advanced Model is setting yet another milestone with its fully integrated AirVent System 2.0. The sack offers a completely seam-free front that can be printed with up to 8 colors, thereby creating an absolutely homogeneous advertising surface meeting the high demands of brand manufacturers. Thanks to its significant advertising impact, the plastic bag acts as a high-profile marketing tool offering significant potential for differentiation.

The whole RKW ProVent product range is an efficient, sustainable, and durable alternative to conventional paper packaging when it comes to transporting, storing, and distributing foodstuffs such as maize starch and flavorings or construction materials such as cement and mortar. Customers profit from a range of benefits including a significantly extended minimum storage life for the products, not to mention the option of safe outdoor storage and clean handling.


Tectra valve sacks

Tectra valve sack

Tectra Packaging valve sacks are ideal for a wide range of products as they are designed to adapt to their product, their packaging machinery and packing conditions.

We offer the possibility of choosing different types of valve, materials, models and sizes. They are available in materials of one or two layers, and different combinations of materials and can be printed in up to 8 colours.

During the filling process, as the valve is provided with an interior filter, it permits controlled evacuation of air from the bag, while at the same time preventing material from leaking out.

The valves close automatically following filling and, thanks to the special sealing process, our sacks are particularly robust and resistant.  The well defined block allows for easy stacking and high stability.

In addition, our sacks are completely impermeable which means that they can transport hygroscopic and toxic materials.

Tectra sacks with handles

Tectra Packaging sacks with handles are designed with retail vendor customers in mind. The transport handle is part of the sacking material and can be incorporated in both valve and open mouth sacks.

The main advantages include ease of filling and transport, with the same qualities as a valve bag.

Its capacity may cover from 10 up to 40 litres and can be printed in up to 6 colours.

Tectra Sacks con asas

Tectra open mouth sacks

Open Mouth Sacs

Tectra Packaging open mouth sacks may be supplied in pallets or in coils and can be closed with thermosealing, gluing or sewing. One of the main applications of these sacks is fertilising packaging. Their properties include:

  • Fully integral
  • Controlled air evacuation from the bag
  • Barrier against damp and gases (film properties)
  • Highly resistant  (UNO approval for transport of dangerous goods)
  • Two layers: PE + PE, HDPE fabric + PE, PE + paper

Tectra FFS (Form, Fill, Seal)

FFS film can be transformed into different packaging formats in all the most common FFS machinery. In addition, it can be printed on all sides in up to 8 colours and may be manufactured in  multiple layers as COEX, PE/Aluminium, PE/ Paper, PE/PA.

Further advantages include:

  • High speed and efficient sacking
  • Delivered in rolls as tubular film with a lateral funnel
  • Widths: from 250 to 500 mm
  • Depth of lateral funnel: from 40 to 85 mm
  • Volume: from 10 to 100 litres

For special needs and orders, we provide tailor-made packaging solutions designed to meet your profile requirements.

Tectra FFS (Formar, LLenar, Sellar)